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Hang TagsHang Tags

Printed Swing Tickets / Hang Tags are without doubt high-profile brand carriers, closely reflecting changing fashion trends and brand progression. With our experienced internal design team and almost limitless possibilities in shape, size and materials, we can ensure that the quality and function of this product will reflect your brand and garment style seamlessly.

Barcode Labels

Bar-code systems are becoming more commonplace and for many manufacturers the ability to offer retail clients their goods marked with a bar code often gives them a sales advantage.

Price labels can often look boring and unattractive but there we can offer you the alternative of combining price and bar code information with, for example, an attractive hangtag. There are no design or color restrictions. Thanks to our modern machinery, we can offer the additional printing of the price and bar code, with practically no additional cost. Furthermore, this solution means that the cost of the additional price label can be completely excluded which in many cases adds up to a substantial monetary saving.

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