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Care Labels

Garment care labels incorporating wash-care information are a necessity in every garment. Here at RONG ACCESSORIES we offer on-site rotary and thermal print production that proves time and time again to be versatile and cost effective for our customers. Couple this with our automated online ordering system and the whole service becomes efficient and second to none.

Rotation Print Labels

These labels attract the eye even more when you take advantage of the colour options available. Our labels are printed with up to six (6) colours on a lighter coloured background. This quality is such that they can be washed repeatedly without negatively affecting either the shape or reducing legibility.

Rotation printed labels are the most economical alternative for the "must be there" label, with standard and variable information. These labels are usually attached inside the garment in, for example underwear, shirts, blouses, trousers and skirts. They usually contain information such as washing instructions and fabric composition, together with the company logo.

Care Labels

Garment care labels, care and content labels or composition labels incorporating washcare information can be printed on many different fabrics from Polyester Satin to Herringbone Cotton. Up to six colours can be printed to the face of the label and one to the reverse. Washable and dry clean resistant inks are used and alternative fabrics are also available for specific applications.