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Nilorn Company

The 1970s


The origin of Nilörngruppen is a design agency started by Claes-Göran Nilsson in Borås in the early 1970s. The business is developed so that it is also responsible for the production of labels, which is contracted out to manufacturers in Europe.


The 1980s


Nilörngruppen sees opportunities to make the production of labels more efficient and to expand. The first manufacturing company, Borås Etikettväveri, is acquired, as are Försäljnings AB Nordiska Bandväveriet, Screentryckeriet Dekoratören and Menda in Denmark. At the end of the decade, Svenska Bandfabriken, Bohus Textilkonst and Nordisk Heliotextil are acquired.


The 1990s


In order to safeguard the international expansion, a new share issue is directed at external financiers in 1990. In the same year the largest textile printing works in the Nordic region, K Björn Eriksen in Denmark, is acquired, and in 1992 Bally Labels in Switzerland is added. Shamrock-Ruga in Belgium and Dalle Caen in France are acquired in 1995. Arko Etiketten in Germany is added in 1998. In 1999 the United Kingdom’s leading label manufacturer, H.H. Calmon & Co Ltd, which also has operations in Portugal and Hong Kong, India and the Dominican Republic, is also acquired. In the same year, a 20 per cent stake in the German label manufacturer Gustav König Etiketten is bought.


The 2000s


Belgium’s largest label manufacturer, Nominette, is acquired in 2001. In the same year Nilorn East Asia Ltd was established in Hong Kong.

During the 2000s the company has continued its strategy of moving from being a label manufacturer to a company with a focus on branding, design, product development and logistic solutions.

In 2004 The founder of Nilörngruppen, Claes-Göran Nilsson, retired as Chairman during the year and relinquished all his assignments for the Group. Nilörn changed its strategy from being a production company of labels to be a group focused on designed, branding and logistic solutions. Partnership agreements were signed with production units in China, Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Tunisia.

In 2005 the Swedish production unit for woven labels, Borås Etikettväveri, was closed down and parts of its production were transferred to Nilörngruppen’s production unit in Portugal.

In 2006 the restructuring process continued and production of woven labels was moved from England and Germany to Nilorn in Portugal.

In 2007 the production of woven labels in Belgium was closed. The previous partner company in Turkey, Hazer Etikett, was acquired and changed name to Nilorn Turkey.

In 2009 was Claes af Wetterstedt nominated as CEO for Nilörngruppen. Traction completed their offer to the Nilörn’s shareholders and their ownership was 64% of the equity as per 30 June. Nilörngruppen AB was de-listed from NASDAQ OMX Nordiska Börs. The Shareholders Meeting appointed a new board of directors except Petter Stillström who became the chairman. 2009 became the group's best performance in Nilörn history.