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All RONG ACCESSORIES staff are important ambassadors for the Group. Their ability to create customer satisfaction is crucial to our future competitiveness.

RONG ACCESSORIES aims to enable every member of staff to feel significant and to provide opportunities for development on the job. RONG ACCESSORIES has to continuously maintain, develop and increase the collective expertise of its staff so that they can meet the needs of customers with the greatest possible knowledge and have a sense of satisfaction in their day-to-day work.

Decisions and responsibility are increasingly delegated to the subsidiaries, which are better placed to know their local markets and the prevailing conditions. RONG ACCESSORIES’s leadership has to be characterised by a focus on the customer, a business-like approach, spirit of enterprise and clear communication, both internally and externally.

Local responsibility

Continuous development of skills is required so that RONG ACCESSORIES does not stagnate as a company. Responsibility for developing skills is local and rests with the management of each subsidiary. A plan for training efforts for the next year is made in conjunction with the annual budget work.

Training in recent years has been mainly geared towards raising the basic level of knowledge in the area of IT and ensuring that RONG ACCESSORIES has the highest possible expertise in important areas such as design, systems development and logistics.

Staff interview is the basis

The basis for each member of staff’s development is the discussion held with the immediate superior at least once a year. At these meetings the manager and employee discuss the work situation and individual needs for professional development. The objective is for all staff to be offered professional development on a continuous basis.